Best Windows 8 Activator | Capable of activating any version of windows

It’s been a tough battle finding a legit windows 8 activator that actually does what it says in these days since most them can’t prevent the windows from offline activation. Even the one’s that actually work gets patched really fast and the developer team behind it gives up after few tries due to microsoft patching all the loopholes used by them. After numerous hours of work put in by our team in states we were able to finally make an activator that does the job as you expect. This windows 8 activator is the sure fire way of activating your version of windows 8/windows 8.1 without getting identified by Microsoft. This windows 8 loader / activator is the most successfully used activator among the people worldwide therefore we guarantee you will like it. If you have any problems don’t hesitate to email us!

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With this windows 8 activator you will never have to worry about activating windows 8 again

Also most of the apps that guarantee windows 8 activation are fake apps that has viruses and other malicous softwares embedded to it which could cause severe problems to people’s computers, hence the reason most of these developers don’t provide a virus scan for it. Our skilled developers of SPR team here in Texas worked really hard on keeping our Best Win 8 activator from getting patched by microsoft using frequent updates and decoding microsoft loop patching algorithm. Our hightech team behind this software decided to distribute it for FREE OF CHARGE to the public, best part is it has no Spywares or adwares. Normal windows 8 activation softwares do get exploited with viruses and adwares very often. This is why we’ve had more than 1000 people test our software and it came out positive so therefore we’re very confident about our software.  Want proof? Here is the virustotal report for the activator

windows 7 loader, windows 8 activator virus total attached here


Features of Best 8 Activator


-supervision of optional imported data
- select inclusive datra criteria
- supports windows 7,8 and 8.1
- supports ports and item properties
- permanent activation
- 100% clean and free to use


Not sure about what permanent activation means?

The majority of other actuation instruments are simply utilizing a basic windows registry alteration to transitory initiate windows 8 without asking for any managerial benefits or whatever available unique execution rights. These activators are truly pointless and won’t enact your windows establishment for more than a couple of days. The greater part of these initiation points of interest are getting erased after a PC restart. In this way, the item initiation just exists until you restart your PC.

proof that windows 8 activator works

In any case, with our propelled windows 8 activator, you’ll never need to download an alternate activator again. With our Sha1 progressed DLL (Dynamic Link Library) unscrambling and adjustment innovation, its conceivable to forever initiate any variant of windows 8 inside simply a couple of seconds. It doesn’t hurt framework documents by altering your framework registry like most different activators. Everything it does is making a channel between activation32.dll and windows certified point of interest acceptance process. So its difficult to windows to check your item activation is quality or not by uniting with Microsoft servers.

Noob Friendly Interface

The fact of the matter is more than an a large portion of web surfers haven’t even found out about the windows registry. Recognizing these certainties, our group attempted their best to keep our windows 7/8 activator as basic as could be allowed. It’s interface  has just 2 catches. Those are “Begin Activation” and “Help” catches. Basically clicking on the “Begin Activation” catch is sufficient to perform the whole windows initiation process without actually touching your mouse once more! On the off chance that you require any assistance with the methodology, you can see the inherent help control by clicking “Help” catch. In the event that you confront whatever viable issue, don’t hesitate to contact us by means of email: and we’re upbeat to help you.

Offline, Online ? Your decission

Notwithstanding you don’t even need a web association with enact your Windows 8. Our extraordinary logged off actuation registry alteration strategy empowers you to for all time actuate windows without uniting with Microsoft enactment servers. The entire procedure takes just few minutes and even a little kid can do it. Really there is no any detectable contrast between these 2 routines. So you can pick logged off or online actuation to begin.   Major Update - 03/13/2014 We have effectively upgraded our windows 8 loader keeping in mind the end goal to sidestep the most recent security patch discharged by Microsoft yesterday. Notwithstanding the actuation is significantly speedier and snappier than some time recently. All you have to do is download and run it as administrator. When you twofold click and run the loader.exe it will approaches you for director benefits. Basically click alright and that is it. Verify you hold up few minutes to finish the methodology and at long last it will open a site page that adage your actuation is fruitful. We accepted a considerable measure of messages asking to transfer a regulated feature excercise portraying the entire process in straightforward. We are completing it now and we will transfer it to Youtube and implant it here soon. Please signup to our newsletter so once everything is done we will email you with all the updates. Keep in mind that this windows 8 activator is here only for personal benifits of each user therefore it is no way of acceptable for anyone to sell this piece of software. If you are found selling this software, we will take immediate action against it. Stay tuned for our new softwares!